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Fast and easy to use web page editor for professional language translators. Translate whole web-sites without having to worry about page layouts and HTML code. Safe all-in-one web site localization.
If you've translated web sites before using a visual web design package or conventional text editor, then by the end of the project you may have encountered some of the following problems:

"Hidden text that wasn't displayed so got missed, text that you can see - but can't seem to edit, fonts & colours that changed, hyperlinks that stopped working or got typed over, scrambled formatting & page layout ...and lots of time spent trying to sort it all out - when all you wanted to do was translate." - If any of those sound familiar, then here's the answer:

CatsCradle grabs all the text that requires translating from a web page, puts it into a built in editor for you to translate alongside, then automatically integrates your translated localized text back into the web page - leaving all the sensitive HTML code untouched. To check all's going smoothly you can instantly preview your work in progress in a web browser at the click of a button. There’s even a real-time view where you can see the web page evolving as you translate.
CatsCradle offers full Unicode support so you can easily perform Cyrillic, Greek, Thai, Chinese and Japanese web site localization.
Designed for translators, CatsCradle is also an ideal tool for webmasters who want to edit the text content of existing web pages.  Additionally, built in support for .hhc & .hhk files means it can also be used to translate .chm help files.

"Too easy and too good"
S. Barysevich