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web content localization

Key Features

  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Extracts all the text that requires translating from a web page, including hidden text, image alt-text etc. Just type your translations along side each line of text in the table.
  • When done, click 'save' and your translated text is automatically put back into the web page.
  • Instant preview of original and translated pages in your web browser at any time.
  • Built in automatic glossary panel suggests words and phrases while you are typing - with a single key press to accept a suggestion. Helps you keep key phrases and terminology consistent throughout a project.
  • Project Catalogue facility provides a single list of all pages in a project with word counts and translation status to help keep track of progress on larger projects.
  • Supports .hhc & .hhk help index and contents files - so can be used to translate .chm help files also.
  • No pre or post processing of files - once translation has finished, you have a complete translated web site.
  • Safe: no worrying about fonts, page layout, hyperlinks, html code, or hidden text. It's all taken care of.

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