FtpChanges 1.2

for Windows®
11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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Smart Site Publisher



Publishing your whole website taking too long?  Tired of trying to figure out which pages and graphics need uploading this time?

Let FtpChanges publish it for you!

FtpChanges uploads just the files you’ve changed since the last time you published.  No need to remember which files you’ve edited, and no need to publish everything each time.  All taken care of.

There’s more:  FtpChanges supports multiple projects, and you can create two or more publishing profiles for the same project.  For example, create a Test profile for showing online to a client, and a Live Public profile when everything is ready to go.


Sit back, relax, update your website with confidence.

FtpChanges will run free of charge for 21 days before purchase.  Take it for a test drive today:  Download FtpChanges.