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Antenna Web Design Studio v8

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Enhanced Mobile Auto Fit - Improved HTML and CSS code quality - New Parallax Object - Creates a Slow Scroll Parallax Effect - New Image Flip Object - New Corner Curl Object - New Smooth Layer Fade In & Fade Out Object - Offers Slide or Fade Animation - Auto & Manual Fading - New Quick Button Zoom on Hover Property - Brand New Advanced Preview Mode Simulates Visitor Connection Speed - Improves Local Preview of Scripts such as Button Rollovers and Full Screen Galleries - See how the page will behave online before you publish - Friendly icons for empty Picture, I-Frame and Visual HTML objects - New option to Hide the Status Bar for a touch more editing space - New Page Editor Tabs Drag and Drop tabs to rearrange them - Close Icon per Tab Close Any Tab Instantly without making it the current tab - Manage Button Lab Styles in the Files Palette - Move Button Lab Styles between projects - Easily Rename Button Styles and Delete Unused Button Styles...

Brand new FX menu introducing Parallax, Picture Flip, Corner Curl and Layer Fader objects.


Scroll down to see them in action below.


Parallax slow scroll effect, with full width, expand left and right options, so you can stretch the image right to the edge of the browser window.

 new icon tabs | properties palette

Fade a layer in or out, with optional 'drop in' animation.  The layer can fade in automatically when the page first loads, or manually in response to an event, such as a button click.


You can also set the duration of the fade, the opacity to fade to, and an optional delay before the fade triggers.

New Advanced Preview

Corner Curl

Picture Flip

New FX Objects

Layer Fader

Manage Button Lab Buttons in the Files Palette

Button Styles you create in Button Lab are now listed in the Core/Buttons folder in the files palette.
This makes it much easier to manage your Button Styles, rename them, or delete unused styles.  You can also copy Button Styles between projects.

New Redesigned Tabs

Each tab in the Page Editor now has its own close icon, tinted red when you hover over it.  This replaces the old close button, and means you can close any tab instantly without having to switch to it first.
You can also now rearrange the order of open tabs - simply click and drag any tab to move it.
The currently active tab is indicated with a blue tinted icon.

Hide the Status Bar

Nice and quick.  Give yourself a slightly larger work area - once you've become an expert and no longer need the status bar hints you can hide the status bar completely, expanding the page editor.

 sftp encrypted publishing

 highlight unused media

 syntax highlighting

Friendly Icons for Empty Objects

Empty Picture, I-Frame and Visual HTML objects, where you've yet to assign an image, page or code, now each display a friendly icon so you can spot them at a glance in the page editor.

What's New?

Two sided images.  Flips over smoothly on hover, and back again.
Smooth animated page curl effect.  Hover over the corner to lift it slightly.


Quick Button Zoom on Hover
New Zoom property on Quick Button - add a subtle zoom in hover effect to your buttons.

Quick Button Zoom

Quick Button Zoom on Hover
Quick Button Zoom on Hover

Antenna's new built in Advanced Preview server simulates visitor connection speed, so you can see how fast your web pages will load over a variety of network speeds.


It also previews scripts that would typically only run online - such as some rollover effects and full screen galleries.

Click to fade in layer

Enhanced Mobile Auto-Fit

Dual Layout Auto-Fit now adjusts the height of Text Box objects when resizing them to match the space needed for the text content - rather than simply scaling them to the required width:

 highlight unused media
Text Box. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
Text Box. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.



Height expands to match content

New in Antenna v8