Tips for entering your key


Here's some quick tips for entering your license key.

Please keep your license key safe

You'll need it for upgrade offers and for installing the software in the future.


3.  Have you checked for updates?

Check that you're running the latest release that your key is valid for.  If your key starts with V5 then it is valid for all version 5 releases.  Select Help ‚óŹ Check For Updates... in Antenna to make sure you have the latest version available.


2.  Enter the entire key

Make sure you're pasting the whole key, everything from the box - not just the number part.

Tip: Key rejected?  Have you run Check For Updates?

Still no joy?  Contact Us so we can assist.

1.  Copy & Paste

Copy and paste the key directly from your license email.  Much quicker than typing it manually and less prone to typos.  Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to paste.