PhotoRazor Privacy Policy


General Information

With the exception of limited Technical Data described below, this application does not collect or transmit personal information.


Technical Data

The application makes no HTTP requests itself, but may link to a web page by opening your web browser - for example, in response to you selecting an Online Help or Visit Website menu item. Your web browser will make the actual request which will include limited technical data, such as your IP address. Such technical data may be stored in logs maintained by a web host.


The application may open your mail program in response to you selecting a Tell A Friend menu item.


If you obtained this application from the Windows App Store, Microsoft will receive information to facilitate normal operations e.g. installing, verifying and running the application. This information may include your device type, capabilities and application usage statistics.


3rd Party Services

If this application indicates that it uses 3rd party services, their usage of information is excluded from this privacy policy.


If you would like more information, or have concerns about this policy, please contact us.