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Antenna v4 is a major release, with some great new features and enhancements, such as CushyCMS support and SafetyClip - both linked in with a brand new publishing engine 'under-the-hood'.  Highlights include...



Built in support for CushyCMS

The newly introduced CMS support enables live content editing after you've published, and has one particularly nice feature:  You can edit the CMS text live online, and also continue to edit the same page layout in Antenna.  Antenna effectively protects the live CMS text so that it doesn't get overwritten when you publish changes to the page layout.  We chose to support CushyCMS as the service is available free at and a number of Antenna customers are already using it.  It also supports images as well as text.  This is a great way to enable a client to update their own content online after you've designed and published a site - and you can still make changes in Antenna later.

Project SafetyClip

SafetyClip is a feature which we hope you'll never need to use - but it's there just in case and could be a lifesaver.  If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have lost your .ata project file, and don't have a backup copy anywhere, SafetyClip enables Antenna to rebuild your entire project from files you've already published online.  The project must have been published using version 4, with SafetyClip enabled - it is enabled by default - you'll see it listed under Options in the Publishing Settings window.

Drag 'n' drop files directly from Windows

The new Drag & Drop capabilities are worth expanding on, as you can now drag pictures and media files from Windows Explorer directly onto the web page in the Page Editor.  It doesn't stop there though - you can also drag pictures into the Files palette, and also into the Photo Gallery maker window.  This can save quite a bit of time compared to using the file import dialog - especially if you've already found the files you want in Windows.



Link following

A seemingly small, yet a very useful and often requested feature, link following enables you to edit a linked page, without having to find it in the files palette first.  Just right-click any linked object on the page, and select follow link to jump straight to the linked page instantly.  The linked page opens in a new tab in the page editor, ready for editing.




Layer Highlighting

Sometimes when designing a complex multi-layer page it can be tricky to remember which objects belong to which layer.  You can expand each layer to see what is selected - but now there's an easier way:  When you select any object on the page its corresponding layer arrow lights up with a blue stripe indicator, so you can see at a glance which layer it belongs to.  This works for multiple objects too - select several objects at the same time and the appropriate layer arrows light to indicate the matching layers.


New publishing engine

The new faster publishing engine mentioned above now supports Unicode filenames.  Antenna has long supported Unicode webpages for creating multilingual websites, and now Unicode filename support means you can also create and publish pages where the page filename itself is in Cyrillic, Japanese or any other alphabet supported by Unicode.  A tweaked publishing window provides quick selection of common remote folder names, and the new publisher is streamlined to issue fewer commands to perform the same tasks, lowering 'round-trip' publishing time.

Load & save performance boost

Also on the performance front, we've optimised the code to give a significant speed boost when loading and saving larger projects, especially noticeable when opening big projects containing lots of text and symbols, but even smaller projects benefit too from the improvements.


New smooth icons
There's also some purely cosmetic enhancements, like the new smoother small icons, in a more modern style, replacing the old style icons in dialog windows, buttons, toolbars and menus.  These are drawn a shade larger than the old icons they replace, and clearer on modern high-resolution screens.

...and there's more...

New support added for Progressive JPEG images and Light Box captions so you can title your Light Box images.  Snap-to-objects is now the default grid for new projects (for existing projects you can enable this in the Options window giving you really easy object alignment).  Freeform has also been tweaked to support newer PHP versions, and there's some behind the scenes changes to support Firefox's DirectWrite implementation better.


The User Guide explains the new stuff in more detail - just select Help > User Guide in Antenna.


Upgrade Pricing


Our current upgrade policy provides free updates for all minor releases, and for extra peace of mind a free upgrade to a major release if Antenna was purchased up to 6 months prior to a major release.  For this release, for a limited period, we've decided to extend this 6 month period right back to the start of 2011.  So...


Current Special Offers (extended for a limited period)


If you purchased Antenna on or after 1st January 2011 - then you can upgrade to Antenna 4 completely free of charge!


So that nobody is left out, if you purchased any version of Antenna before 1st January 2011 then you can upgrade to Antenna 4 for a special 50% discount price. 


The above special offers are still available - so make sure you don't miss out - click the Key Upgrade button on the left to upgrade your key!

What's New in Antenna V4 ?