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Home of Antenna Web Design Studio and CatsCradle

"Dynamic visual web design using transparent layers and master pages.


Includes everything you need to create your own website masterpiece without coding.


Perfect for small companies, clubs, photographers & freelance web designers.


Free download so you can take it for a spin and start designing today..."



Updated June 2014

Antenna - Web Design Studio 4.8
Create professional web sites rapidly - without any HTML knowledge!


CatsCradle 3.9
Localization for freelance translators - Translate web pages quickly and safely


PhotoRazor 2.5
Make small copies of your photos for emailing to friends and family
Caterpillar 1.3
High-speed HTML text extractor/integrator


RedShift - Installation System 1.6
Build compact professional Software Installations in seconds
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Translation & localization | CatsCradle
Build a software installer in seconds | RedShift
HTML extractor | Caterpillar
Photo resizer | PhotoRazor
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